Illustration of Insiteful Art's History around the world

What is
Insiteful Arts?

Insiteful Arts is a small, creative company that specializes in one-of-a-kind, artistic design for websites and printed materials.

But it’s also a blend of technical know-how and creative inspiration that goes far beyond just design. Insiteful Arts is building and coding websites that break the mold of ‘one-site-fits-all.’

Insiteful Arts is drawings and illustrations that can make a design stand out from the crowd.

Insiteful Arts is strategy and creativity in establishing an identity online or in print.

And Insiteful Arts is also a human touch in a technology-driven industry and world. It’s a company that prides itself on personal attention and educating the web-wary client.

In short, Insiteful Arts is a rare combination of skills and experiences that produces intelligent and effective visual communication for our modern world.

Insiteful Arts is a rare combination of skills and experiences that produces intelligent and effective visual communication

I’m Matt Hood and Insiteful Arts is my company. Long before founding InsitefulArts.com — in fact, long before the internet — I started honing my skills as an illustrator and painter. A love and talent for editorial cartoons led me to an education and degree in journalism.

I spent nine years as a newspaper designer and graphics editor at The Washington Post. After that, I spent two years as a web master and database administrator with the U.S. Department of State.

My work and education have taken me from the Midwest, to the East Coast and now to South Texas. Along the way, I spent five years living, working and soaking up the culture in Moscow, Russia and Paris, France. (I’m proud to say I can be thoroughly misunderstood in three languages.)

Through it all and in every place I’ve been, I’ve taken something from the art and design that permeates the people, the places and the culture. And it’s my goal and the mission of Insiteful Arts to bring all of those experiences to work for you in your next web or print project.

A Man of Many Hats

Matt Hood, the owner of Insiteful Arts, is an eclectic and eccentric mix of …

  • Designer
  • Artist
  • Code Jockey
  • Kansan
  • Washingtonian
  • Moscovite
  • Parisian
  • Texan


Birth; (some) maturity; degree in journalism from University of Kansas

Washington D.C.

Almost a decade as a designer and graphic editor at The Washington Post

Moscow, Russia

Two (cold) years with the U.S. Department of State as the database administrator and web master at the U.S. Embassy

Paris, France

Founded Insiteful Arts to serve an international clientele (never wore an actual beret)

San Antonio, Texas

Moved Insiteful Arts operations to South Texas where I have clients across the States and in a half dozen foreign countries.