Cliff Bounds Golf School

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Cliff Bounds Golf School
San Antonio, Texas
The Project

Cliff Bounds is a San Antonio-based PGA golf instructor. He takes his experience both as a collegiate and pro golfer and helps groom junior golfers for future greatness. Many of his high-school-aged students have gone on to college scholarships.
With young golfers as a major area of Cliff’s business, he needed a logo that was dynamic and youthful. This logo concept captures the movement of the golf swing. With the golf ball, it blatantly says “we’re talking golf here, people.” But there’s subtly, too. The gradated color bands that show the ball’s flight and also make up the negative space of the “B,” also act like a bar chart or graph showing an obvious and pronounced increase. I’d like to think that increase represents the growth in abilities and confidence that Cliff’s students receive from his coaching.

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