Zara Harris OTC Logo

Logo for Zara Harris Occupational Therapist
Zara actually uses her new logo as a talking point in some of her international lectures, noting how some people can see the Z and H right away. Other’s see the whole before the parts. Unintentionally, her logo has become a great ice breaker for her trade.

Zara Harris Occupational Therapist
Paris, France
Washington D.C.

The Project

Zara Harris is an international occupational therapist who works with school-aged children. I wanted her logo to visually show her connection to children, her international credentials as well as some aspect of her work as a therapist. No small order.

But I think using this children’s shape game as my visual metaphor helps the logo hit on all counts. Some people see the Zara’s “Z” and “H” initials immediately, others don’t. But in either case the logo is a successful expression of Zara’s work.