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Zara Harris is an occupational therapist who has spent more than 30 years serving English-speaking communities on three different continents. Her site and her custom logo project her professionalism and her international credentials.

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Zara Harris Occupational Therapist
Paris, France; Washington D.C.
The Project

When she approached Insiteful Arts, Zara Harris was an Anglo/American occupational therapist serving the English-speaking population of Paris. In addition to working with school-aged children, Zara trained teachers and gave lectures around the globe.

She wanted a new logo and website that would express her multi-national practice.

The finished website projects professionalism to parents and teachers while obviously expressing her niche of working with kids. The monochromatic color scheme is calming. The navigation is simple and clear. And the original illustrations throughout the site help visually illustrate occupational therapy without resorting to trite stock photos.

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